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End Tag

End Tag is a billboard or video that appears at the end of Apple Daily Action News video.

End Tag Billboard
Material Deadline      : at least 7 working days before ad launch
Format/Info                   : Audio Video Interleave \ QuickTime
Overall bit rate            : 20 Mbps
Bit rate                           : 20 Mbps
Width                              : 720 pixels
Height                             : 405 pixels
Display aspect ratio   : 16:9
Frame rate                    : 25.000 fps
Bit depth                       : 8 bits
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)      : 24.000
Stream size                  :20 MiB (99%)
*Ad will be shown at the end frame of Action News
*Please note that there is an Action News Logo [187x38 pixels] on the top right corner on the video, try not to put important information on that area
Please make sure the materials are the final version, lead time will be added if there’re any changes