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Expandable Big LREC

Material Deadline: at least 7 working days before ad launch
Dimension : Normal Size: 300x430 pixels / Expanded Size: 470x430 pixels
File Format: SWF/ Provided Script
Max File Size: Large Rectangle <50kB ; extended Large Rectangle <60kB
Tracking Method: clickTag
1. Must provide FLA source file [out font], Backup Image
2. Action Script version 2.0
3. Flash version 8
4. Must provide 2 SWF files
ClickTag Sample:
Creative Materials:
File Format & Size:
- Flash (.swf), Normal Large Rectangle, maximum 50KB
- Flash (.swf), Expanded Large Rectangle, maximum 60KB
- Backup image (.gif or .jpg), initial Large Rectangle, maximum 40KB
Flash Guidelines:
- Flash version 8,Action Scripts 2.0
- Click TAG command must be attached to button object and called on Release
- All text must be converted into image
- minimum of 7 business days for submission lead-time
General Guideline:
- Expandable banners enable advertisers to reach audiences with unrivalled interactivity and engagement, and with a much larger canvas than with traditional static display ads. Starts in a banner space and expands to left upon user initiation. The panel should appear adjacent to the banner.
- The pushdown banner ad contains at least three elements:
(1) a backup image Large Rectangle,
(2) an initial Flash Large Rectangle, and
(3) at least one panel (the expanded Flash file)
- Pls make sure the materials are the final version, lead time will be added if there’re any changes