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Expandable Fade in Out Banner

 Expandable Fade in Out Banner (Standard)



Expandable Fade in out banner


Detail Material Spec
Banner Dimension
Expanded Banner:
Collapsed Banner:
640x720 px
640x200 px
(Remarks: images will proportionally scale to fit the screen)
File Format:
.jpg or .gif
Max File Size:
200kb (expanded panel),
150kb (collapsed panel)
Banner Logic
Expanded banner will show at the initial screen and last for 8 sec, it will auto collapse to the standard banner which will stay for 300 sec until users change articles
General Guideline:
  • Both Expanded and Collapsed banner material is required.
  • A default close button, will be shown on the top right hand corner with 60px x 60px area. Please do not put important information on that area.
  • 3rd party ad serving is not supported.
  • Do not allow transparent area.
  • Prohibit simulated News or Advertorial items
  • All materials must be in the correct dimension and file size mentioned in the above
  • Make sure the materials are the final version, lead time will be added if there are any changes
  • Loading files from cross-domains or external server is not permitted for security reasons.
  • All Creative is subject to approval by Next Mobile Limited.