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Inline Splash Ad

For Iphone & Andorid 
Ad Dimension
320x460 px &
320x548 px
320x460 px
File Format
Image: Jpeg
Video: Mp4
Upper Image Dimension
640x560px & 640x736px
Image Max File Size
Video Dimension
Video Max File Size
Video Material Spec
Video codec: H.264; 25fps
Video bitrate: 350 to 450 kbps
Audio codec: ACC / MP3 & bitrate 48-64 kbps (Default Muted at initial)
Max Video Duration
15 seconds
Close Button
Image will be scale proportionally. Please do not put important message on the top right hand corner with the area dimension of 180 px from the top and 120 px from the right.
For Ipad
•Dimension: 1024x768, 768x1024
•Format: JPG
•File size:  <100KB
•For 16:9 video, max. width = 350px, max. height = 196px
•For 4:3 video, max. width = 350px, max. height = 262px
•Format: MP4
•File Size: <3MB
•Video plays with sound on is PROHIBITED
•Video length is limited to 15 seconds
General Guideline:
  • Prohibit simulated News or Advertorial items
  • All materials must be in the correct dimension and file size mentioned in the above
  • Audio must be muted at the initial
  • Make sure the materials are the final version, lead time will be added if there are any changes
  • Must be SSL-compliant (https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/6015286?hl=en)
  • All Creative is subject to approval by Next Mobile Limited.