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HKM-SNS Splash Ad

SNS Splash Ad will be triggered by SNS referral and displayed on Apple Daily mobile site only.


SNS Splash Ad                                  Feb 2015       
Material Deadline: 3 Working Days before launch
[Material Specification]
  • Dimension: 320x460  &  320x548 pixels
  • Format: JPG only
  • File Size: <70KB
-  Landing URL must be provided
Close Button Dimension
[Important Specification]
  • HTML5 is not supported
  • A default close button [dimension: 36x36 pixels], will be shown on the top right hand corner [10 px from the top and 10 px from the right] do not put important information on that area. Please refer to the [Close Button dimension]
  • SNS splash ad will trigger by SNS referral and display on Appledaily mobile site only
  • Device with viewable height >= 559 px will display 320x548, otherwise will display 320x460
  • A frequency capping will be applied.
  • Please make sure the materials are the final version, lead time will be added if there’re any changes