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Homepage Takeover - HTML5

Homepage Takeover Ad makes full use of Crazy Ad and Skinner Ad. Once the web page is loaded, a Crazy Ad shows and auto retracts after 8 seconds. When 8 seconds is over or user clicks the close button, the Skinner shows and the advertising message will be dominating the webpage.

Standard Ad Flow

  1. Once enter the site, a Crazy Ad (970 x 500) shows and auto retract after 8 seconds.
  2. When 8 seconds over or users clicking the close button, the Skinner shows
Material Deadline: at least10 Working Days before launch
Initial banner dimension: 300 x 430px (Big LREC)
Expanded Panel (Crazy ad): 970 x 500px, align to initial banner top right corner
Skinner Working Dimension: 1440 X 1050px
Include all visual in following grey area only:
  1. Left panel: 220 x 1050px
  2. Head panel: 1000 x 90 / 160 / 250px
  3. Right panel: 220 x 1050px 
Submission File Format:  6x individual html5 zip (include all script, html, css, image files)

Max File Size:

  • Initial banner zip: 300x430px -100kb
  • Expandable panel zip: 970 x 500px - 100kb
  • Left panel zip: 220 x 1050px – 100kb
  • Head panel zip: 1000 x 90 / 160 / 250px – 100kb
  • Right panel zip: 220 x 1050px  – 100kb
  • Backup image: 970x90 / 160 / 250px & 300x430px – 40kb each

Crazy Ad Guideline:

  • Recommends adding a Play / Replay button to provide the opportunity for viewers to replay the float on subsequent page views
  • Floating element:
  • Cannot obstruct ALL Next Media's logo & site navigation bar at any time
  • The maximum movie length of the Expanded panel (970x500) is 8 seconds.
  • The expanded panel (970x500px) will retract after to LREC after 8 seconds
  • Close Button must be placed on the upper right corner of Expanded panel (970x500px) and appear for entire duration of animation play
  • SINGLE clickable hyperlink can be embedded on creative

General Guideline:

  • Prohibit simulated News or Advertorial items
  • All materials must be in the correct dimension and file size mentioned in the above
  • Transparent area should not be click-able
  • Make sure the materials are the final version, lead time will be added if there are any changes
  • Landing URL must be opened in the new window
  • The initial banner loads into the ad placement.
  • Crazy Ad is an ad that starts Pre-expanded in a banner space and retracts back to Initial banner after animation automatically
  • Crazy Ad begins; the expanded panel automatically appears to float across the screen. (Frequency capped)
  • After animation, or if the user opts to close the Crazy Ad, the expanded panel retracts
  • User may click on the replay button to replay the Crazy Ad. (Optional)
  • Frequency cap: THREE in every 24 hours for daily exclusive booking
  • Loading files from cross-domains or external server is not permitted for security reasons.
  • All Creative is subject to approval by Next Mobile Limited.


Browser Support:

HTML5 is supported in all modern browsers:
  1. Chrome 40 and above
  2. Firefox 35 and above
  3. IE 10 and above
  4. Opera 20 and above
  5. Safari 7.0 and above
Non-modern browsers will serve backup image. 
Download: Working file - HTML5 template