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Car Camping 2016 (跟著爸媽去露營)

Campaign Period:19-20 Nov, 2016

Do you remember the last time you traveled with your kid? Next Mobile would like to create an unforgettable camping experience for families by exploring the great outdoors. From recruitment, to camping advertorial about “Where to go, What to bring, What to do” and post event coverage, Next Mobile not only offered a dynamic setting for families to experience great adventure, but also educated and increased the family bonding during this memorable 2 days 1 night car camping event.         

Over 1,000 families registered and finally 40 families have been picked to join the event. Different workshops and sponsors’ tailor made games or promotional activities were held during the camp.

Mannequin Challenge
Video Advertorial - Columbia
Video Advertorial - Nikon
Video Advertorial - Nissan
Promotional banners and campaign website

40 families have joined跟著爸媽去露營
Camp making workshop
Cooking class
DIY kite-making class
Stargazing workshop
Farm visit
Car demo workshop & trial drive
Product demo and tailor-made game for sponsors
Sponsor’s display area and on-site promotion
Post event reporting