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SONY Xperia XZ Premium Experience Day

Campaign Period:20 May 2017

SONY Mobile launched a brand new mobile phone – Xperia XZ Premium in May and a display booth was set-up at Festival Walk for public to experience the product. Next Mobile designed a series of stage performances in order to demonstrate the features of the phone.

We invited Anjaylia Chan (陳嘉寶) to make a floral arrangement on stage to introduce the new colours of Xperia XZ. During the event, there were product introduction by product specialist and product demonstrations which highlighted the features of the phone such as wide-angled selfie, 4K HDR screen and the built-in slow motion video shooting. To create more interactions with the audience, Anjaylia had taken some selfies with the audience to feature the wide-angled selfie lens and at the end of the event, she threw the flower brooch bouquet to the audience to feature the phone's slow-motion video function.

Next Mobile was responsible for the audience recruitment and event management. Online banners were launched across Apple Daily website, mobile apps and also Facebook Page.

Floral arrangement by Anjaylia Chan
Selfie with audiences
Product Trial by Anjaylia


Online banners were run across the Apple Daily digital platforms