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Seven Seas Product Launch Event ( 敢換新‧由此起動)

Client:Seven Seas
Campaign Period:Oct - Nov 2016

Tier 1 Promotion 

An impressive roadshow was held on Oct 8 at Causeway Bay Pedestrian Area to let public audience experience client's newly launched product “Activ-Bone”. We used two tailor-made interactive games - “敢換新‧由此起動” and “3合1動拍攝” to introduce the product features of the 3-in-1 action formula to the mass audience.

Tier 2 Promotion

A Facebook game “敢動留言” was held on Nov 2016.  Participants got a chance to receive a Special Edition of “Activ-Bone” product by writing the best Facebook post selected by Seven Seas.


Participants queuing to redeem the “Activ-Bone” product

3D Pop Up backdrop and Giant Size Recycle Box

Participants taking photo with 3-in-1 Mascot

Tailor made 3 colors balloon for mass distribution

Special Edition of “Activ-Bone” with winner’s message.

Recruitment ad and post event reporting