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Sony – Australia Trip (澳洲狂旅派)

Campaign Period:Oct – Nov, 2013

Sony and Tourism Australia sponsored 2 young amateur photographers, Will Cho and Raven Cheng, for an exclusive trip to explore a new part of Australia. They travelled from North to South Australia and captured their experience using various Sony camera equipments. Apple Daily reporters went along the trip and produced a series of editorial and video coverage with Facebook newsfeed to continuously report on the stories with pictures taken. A large no. of views were generated from the campaign and substantial traffic were directed to the mini site.

Click to watch videos:

Episode 1: 失落全球最筍工 港男自製澳洲筍工

Episode 2: 銀河小王子:香港靚景教我追夢

Episode 3: 狂旅派起動 穿越澳洲心臟

Episode 4: 澳洲死亡之籠 人鱷困獸鬥

Episode 5: 食蟻補充維他命 去痰除感冒

Episode 6: 魔鬼岩石識平衡 係外星人發功?

Episode 7: 澳洲古舊酒吧 旅客傳統留下bra

Episode 8: 蜥蜴飲水靠條尾 蠢仔駱駝排包尾

Episode 9: 巨石超豪晚宴 肉眼觀銀河

Episode 10: 澳洲最原始菜式 乾柴烈火扮野人

Episode 11: 帝王谷無敵日落景 熱氣球睇日出更勁

Episode 12: 世界級豪華火車 好食好住落南澳

Episode 13: 沒有OT的都市 移民諗得過

Episode 14: 樹熊都有勞工法 每日只做兩個鐘

Episode 15: 百歲砵酒任你試 豪飲一世紀

Episode 16: 成功版May姐 唔落雞汁落肝汁

Episode 17: 神奇回音壁 講是非隨時炒魷

Episode 18: 澳洲荒島睇海獅 好過幫襯水族館

Episode 19: 樹熊變蝗蟲 數目過萬要絕育

Episode 20: 唔做港人Monotone 狂旅尋回自我

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