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ELEMENTS - Fantastic Snap

Campaign Period:Dec 2016


Client Brief

Our client ELEMENTS wanted to promote their first-ever “Fantastic Mr. Fox” exhibition, one of the mall’s biggest events during Christmas period. Instead of just doing banner promotions, client wanted something special that can bring out the magic of the exhibition scene, and to attract visitors to the mall and drive member registration.


We wanted to immerse visitors in the joy of this very special Christmas gathering, we developed an AR app “Fantastic Snap” available on iTunes and Google Play stores to bring Mr. Fox to life. Once installed the app, users were required to search and scan the target at ELEMEMTS using the app. Upon finding the target, Mr. Fox will pop out on mobile screen and take a snap with users. What’s more, users could redeem a gift at ELEMENTS by registering ELEMENTS member club. Promotion banners were run across Apple Daily digital platforms to promote the app with weekly free gifts.


Game Screen Shots




Promotion Banners