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Apple Daily empowered brands to produce engaging contents via Sponsored Feature


The newly revamped Apple Daily Lifestyle Section “Apple Seed” presents a  brand new content creation service - Sponsored Feature, empowering brands to produce contents that align with brands’ vision to engage users. Instead of using content to disseminate product information, Sponsored Feature focuses on building brand's equity by delivering contents that match with the brand's attitude.
Client: Converse
Storyline: Dwagie (大支),  a well-known Taiwanese rapper, who creates lyrics about hardship, evil, triumph, and good. He was featured at “Apple Seed” to share his belief, values and ideas about life, which tide in with Converse’s brand attitude and brand image.
Watch video here.
Client: Quaker
Storyline: Our client, Quaker wants to raise the public awareness on the digestive health thus launched videos featuring the problems that Hong Konger are facing. We had researched the public health data and by increasing the readers interest,  we had presented it in an animation inforgraphics format. To increase the creditbility, we had also interviewed nutritionist, by having her to state the problem that cause by bad digestive system and  offering health tips for the public. 
Watch Video 1 here.
Watch Video 2 here
Client: Haagen Dazs
Storyline: Our Client Haagen Dazs is launching the new milk tea favour ice cream. Apart from having eye-catching advertisement, they want to try something subtle. Since black tea is mostly the soul of milk tea, we decided to have video educating public on the background and history of black tea with interesting application:- animated character and inforgraphics to entertain the readers. 
Watch Video 1 here.
Watch Video 2 here
Watch Video 3 here.
Watch Video 4 here.