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Easy PaMa helped Parents and Students to adapt to New Primary School Live

Campaign Period:26 Sep 2017

Children would be worried yet excited to start their new primary schooling when they face a new environment, new faces and unfamiliar teaching approaches. Easy PaMa organized a seminar on 26 Sep to help parents attain a smooth transition.
We invited Dr. Bianca Ho, who is a registered counseling psychologist, to help parents understand the changes their children may face in new school live. She also shared real cases from her experience and offer practical advices on the adaptation measures that parents can take for their kids as well as themselves. The seminar attracted almost 200 parents to join and all of them get a bunch of gifts from our sponsors.
Bianca Ho, Registered Counselling Psychologist gave practical advice to help parents adapt to new Primary school live with their children.
Each participants could get a basket of gifts!