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Next Mobile's new Parenting Channel Easy PaMa debuted on Facebook


Nowadays full-time and working parents can be equally stressful. Moms and dads easily feel burned out when struggling between family and work. Apple Daily understands the needs of the busy parents hence introduced “Easy PaMa”, a Facebook Fan Page offering useful parenting tips and advice for parents so they could enjoy more quality time and precious moments with their kids.
Easy PaMa provides a wide range of topics including child development, health care, education and activity ideas. There will also be columnists from different specialties to offer professional advice to users.  
Sections Introduction
Easy生活: provides practical life hacks for moms & dads, making parenting easier and more fun with kids.
爸媽熱話: offers the hottest recent parenting stories or news, allowing our users to stay on top of the trend.
健康學堂: offers useful insights on child development as well as advices on pregnancy & birth.
教仔有法: provides parenting advice about common children behavioral issues.
教育指南: offers the latest education news, research and analysis in this section. 
玩樂蒲點: features the upcoming family-friendly events, restaurants and travel destinations. 
Advertising Opportunities
We offer different advertising solutions including content collaboration, social media, event partnership and display ads.
Click here for more detail : https://www.facebook.com/EasyPaMa/