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About Us

Next Mobile International Limited is revolutionizing the way you perceive the world. We are boundless by time, location and environment, bringing you the ultimate advertising solutions.

Next Mobile International Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Next Digital Limited (formerly known as Next Media Limited), specializing in sales of Apple Daily. We are dedicated to bringing new excitement to the advertising industry through integrated solutions, innovative video, mobile, website and other digital initiatives for the next digital revolution!

Our ideas are driven by strategically integrated concepts and customer insights with efforts to capture and revolutionize brand experiences with Next Digital Group.

Our Publications

Cutting Edge Contents

Action News

  • Launched on November 2009, an innovative supplementary content in Animated Video Format
  • 24 Hours update on breaking news

Instant News

  • 24 Hours updates on 1st Hand real time news covering all red-hot topics include Local News, Entertainment, Finance, International, etc.

Apple Daily Mobile Apps

  • Available in iOS and android
  • 24 Hours updates and award winning news content